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Mitigation of Harmonics in Industries using a Multilevel Shunt Active Power Filter

Manikandan S, Sam Jasper.P


The vast development in power electronic equipments causes higher harmonics in the distribution line in order to reduce the harmonics. This work proposes a design of Multi-Level Inverter (MLI) based Shunt Active Filter (SAF) intended to sort out the presence of harmonics in the distribution line. This proposed SAF utilizes three level diodes clamped MLI as VSI. d-q theory is employed for reference signal generation. In order to regulate the capacitor voltage, fuzzy PI controller is used. Hardware implementation is carried out to verify the simulated results. From the analysis, it reveals that the proposed system significantly reduces the harmonics present in the system from 19.21% to 1.38%. It can be implemented in steel rolling mill where large number of variable speed drives are utilized.


Fuzzy PI controller, SAF, three-level (NPC) inverter, harmonics., Mitigation

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