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Optimization of Transmission System by adopting 765/800KV Ultra High Voltage Network and its Technical Configurations

Ajay prasad Panda


In the era of persistent capacity shortages, ever increasing demand scenario, increased market operation and formation of National grid, new challenges have arisen in operation and control of large integrated and interconnected power system in India. The paper chronologies development of interconnected system in India from the state of independent utilities of 1950s to the well developed present interconnected National Grid. High voltage has been attractive proposition for large power transfer because transmission at high voltage reduces losses and is more economical. Reduced right of way per MW of transmission has been a major advantage with EHV and UHV. India is the world's thirdlargest power consumer. Being a developing country and struggling to find a solution to its large energy
requirement and its distribution, it is conscious of the requirement of a strong transmission grid. The country has taken a few bold steps to upgrade its Transmission network through introduction of +/- 800 KV DC and 1200 KV AC. With HVDC line projects, HVDC Back to back projects and a number of 765 kV lines in operation, India has reasonably strengthened its grid in the last two decades. The 1200kV AC lines that will be in operation in next few years shall selectively be used as an overlay on the strong 400 and 765kV backbone forming a Transmission super grid. The +/- 800kV DC shall be used for large bulk power transmission. India shall be one of the selected countries to have both 1200 kV and +/- 800kV commercially operating lines. This papers gives a brief account on optimization of Transmission system by adopting 800KV Ultra High Voltage system and its issues & technicality.



Transmission System, HVDC, Electricity, Voltage, AC(Air Conditioner)

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