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Blockchain Based Health Data Sharing System

Kirti Mhamunkar, Vishal Satish Pawar, Momin Mohammad Nadeem, Priyank Sachin Palshetkar


In In today’s digital world information is exchanged between systems and it's expected that every interaction transaction between the systems is secure and reliable. Blockchain technology are often applied to safeguard the protection of healthcare data. It's important to possess access control mechanism that enables only authorized persons to share the medical data. During this work, we have introduced a blockchain based system for securely sharing health records. We have provided a digital solution which will ensure that information remains secure while being decentralized across different peers. Electronic Health Record (EHR) plays a critical role in assisting doctor and health care institutions in analyzing a patient’s profile and providing suitable treatments. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed system in providing security and privacy compared to traditional way of storing health data. 


Blockchain, Electronic Health Records, Inter Planetary File System, Smart Contract.

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