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A Novel Approach Integrated Dc To Dc Fast Charging Module

Satheesh G. Kumar, Mohanbabu G., Padmanabhan D., Praveen K., Sabapathi S.


This paper presents a wide variation of input dc voltage. It is a “step-up” inverter, meaning that only one power stage works at high  frequency in  order  to achieve  minimum switching  loss.  When  input  dc  voltage  is  lower  than  the magnitude of the ac voltage, it is a voltage-source inverter, and on it is current-source inverter in the other mode. The leakage current caused by the capacitance can be reduced to zero theoretically due to the characteristics of the converter configuration. The output ac voltage of the proposed inverter can be higher than input dc voltage. Only five active switches are used in the presented inverter, and those switching devices can be synchronous driven by various sinusoidal pulse width modulation methods. Finally, the simulation and experimental results are obtained in a prototype.


Integrated DC, voltage, Network Model, Charging Module, PV module

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