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Artificial Intelligence-based Chatbot for Disease Prediction

Dhruva Parmar, Vedashree Raut


Nowadays leading a healthy lifestyle is very important. Sometimes it is even difficult to find proper medical consultation in unsocialized and remote areas. One such solution to these issues is the development of an Artificial Intelligence based Chatbot for Disease Prediction. A Chatbot is a software program that simulates human conversations, through AI’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability. A text-to-text chatbot for disease prediction can involve patients into an interactive conversation where the patient can provide symptoms and based on that the chatbot can diagnose the disease. In healthcare, early diagnosis of a disease is very crucial. The late detection of diseases contributes to the high number of fatalities. The chatbot can act as virtual medical assistance which helps the patient to know more about the disease and also reduce the healthcare costs. Sometimes it is difficult to identify the disease, so the chatbot can also suggest the type of doctor the patient should consult for his disease based on the symptoms. The chatbot uses Machine Learning to train the chatbot using a model created through sample data in such a way that based on symptoms the disease can be detected. The chatbot uses Natural Language Processing technique to process and analyse the data and provide the output appropriately. The chatbot increases the availability of healthcare as it will always provide healthcare support.


Chatbot, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, text-to-text, healthcare, disease prediction, detection.

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