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Navigating the Spectrum: A Review of Challenges and Opportunities in Wireless Network Densification for 6G Technology

Poonam Sinha, Rakesh Mehar


Each generation of wireless communication technology brings new and exciting features. However, the latest technology is not able to fully support the continuous increasing demand for wireless communication in 2030. To address the issues posed by the growing number of devices and the volume of voice and data communications traffic, a significant amount of research is needed. End-device (ED) and base station (BS) densification in Wireless (WND) will be impacted by the rapidly increasing number of human- and machine-type products. In 6G wireless communication, the densification of BSs introduces new challenging problems and opportunities as well as the BS density increase. This paper explains wireless (WND) as the key mechanism for wireless technology evolution for the next decade. Wireless (WND) encompasses frequency by using bigger segments of radio spectrum in various bands and over space (such as dense development of tiny cells). Spatial Densification can be utilized by self-organizing networks and by intercell interference management This paper will include the features of wireless (WND) in terms of both BS and ED densification and new challenges and relevant potential key technologies will be discussed.


Network densification, interferences, Base station, load, wireless communication.

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