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Near Field Wireless Powering of Implantable Devices

Simi P Thomas, Aparna Jose


A new WPT system for biomedical applications has been investigated in this paper. First, an implantable receiving antenna with enhanced gain is studied. Then, a transmitting antenna array which can maximize the PTE of the WPT system is designed together with the receiving antenna and head model. Under the transmission distance of 150 mm, the PTE of the designed WPT system reaches a maximum value of 0.28% at the center frequency. Compared with a reference WPT system of the same size with uniform excitation distribution, the new WPT system offers much higher PTE and can be readily deployed for powering implantable devices.

Keywords: WPT system, implantable antenna configuration, transmitting antenna array

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Simi P. Thomas, Aparna Jose. Near Field Wireless Powering of Implantable Devices. Journal of VLSI Design Tools & Technology. 2019; 9(1): 44–50p.


WPT system, Implantable Antenna Configuration, Transmitting Antenna Array

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