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A Differentiator Based on Second Generation Current Controlled Conveyor

A. Kumar, R. Pandey


A new second generation current controlled conveyor (CCCII) with programmable gain at output terminal ‘Z’ is presented in this paper. The inherent advantages of the proposed circuits are low supply voltage requirement of ±0.85 V, small input parasitic resistance in the range of 29.12 Ω–297.71 Ω for a current range of 10 µA–300 µA, low power dissipation of 79.39 µw and low DC current error of 0.068%. The proposed CCCII is also used as a building block to develop a differentiator as its application. SPICE simulation results using TSMC 0.18 µm CMOS Technology have been presented for the proposed CCCII and its application as a differentiator to validate the performance of the proposed circuits.


Keywords: SPICE, current controlled conveyor, current mode, translinear

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