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Maximum Power Point Tracker and its model in MATLAB

Manish Kumar Jha


The study says that In a (Power-Voltage or current-voltage) curve of a solar panel, there is an optimum operating point such that the PV delivers the maximum possible power to the load. This unique point is the maximum power point (MPP) of solar panel. Its mathematical models of the components of PV module that is MPPT model uses the MPPT control unit, and Buck- Boost converter to implement a simulation based MPPT solar charge controller. This controller is implemented in MATLAB. MATLAB software and its facilities are used to design the proposed electric models of solar MPPT charge controller. This cover up every component of Pv Module Modeling, the subsystem of module and the Battery Modeling. The simulated complete circuit involving the PV array, charge controller and battery theory. A typical discharge curve is composed of three sections which is been covered in the paper.


Keywords: MPPT ,MATLAB , Model ,Solar cell ,PV module ,controller


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