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Review Paper To Design a Low Power CNTFET Based XOR Gate

Veski Dabas, Surender Kumar Grewal


The continuous scaling down of Silicon technology leads to various critical challenges and reliability issues such as short channel effect, high leakage current, interconnect problems, etc. CNTFET is the most probable substitutes to traditional MOSFET. The CNTFET device based circuits portray advantages with its better control over the device channel, reduced leakage current, reduced short channel effects. The CNTFET based XOR gate circuits incur the minimum power and energy dissipation. This paper presents a comparative analysis of XOR gate made of MOSFET and CNTFET on the basis of power consumption, delay, short channel effect and leakage current.

Keywords: CNT (Carbon nanotube), CNTFET (carbon nanotube field effect transistor), MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor), logic gate

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