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Design of Home Automation System Using Arduino and Mobile Application

Nikita Narayan Mankar, Sushil Bakhtar


This study provides a moderate, highly customizable home control and environmental monitoring system. It makes the most of an encapsulated micro – web page in the Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller, trying to access and commanding devices, as well as health monitoring access but moreover control devices such as mobile phones. Those certain computers can sometimes be organised via a web - based application or a Bluetooth Android-based smart smartphone. Machines such as light switches have been consolidated with the recommended home control system to illustrate its efficacy of the proposed. Houses seem to have become significantly more intelligent as technology gets better. Houses and apartments are undergoing a transition away from mainstream switches or toward centralized management systems with autonomously switches. Currently, conventional electric switches located in different geographical parts of the house consider it tough for an individual to become nearly equal to them in the skills required to perform them. It becomes more and more incredibly hard for the older population or mechanically disabled people to do so. With smart phones, a remote controlled home automation system provides the most modern solution. To implement this, a Bluetooth system can be integrated to the Arduino board at the received signal, while a GUI application upon this cell phone transmits ON/OFF commands to that same receiver under which loads are associated at the transmitter end. Through such a technology, stresses can be remotely turned ON/OFF by touching the specified location on the GUI.


Smart Home, Home Automation, Android Smartphone, Arduino.

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