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ED-SS based Cognitive Radio (CR) over Rayleigh Fading Channel and the Performance of Optimized Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Technique for Modern Wireless Communications

Sarthak Sharma, Bhupendra K. Soni, Vikas Soni


Cognitive Radio (CR) has indeed been shown to be a superior way to address the issue of spectrum scarcity in which every wireless system occupies the limited bandwidth spectrum (LBS) allotting to the licensed users. Spectrum holes, which are approximated using spectrum sensing, occur when this LBS is empty in a certain location at a specific moment (SS). The SS is the main objective of CR and various SS techniques are available in the literature such as: energy detection (ED), matched filter detection (MFD) and cyclostationary feature detection (CFD). In this paper, energy detection-spectrum sensing (ED-SS) based Cognitive Radio system has been implemented which can analyze the energy of the spectrum. The functionality of CR has been analysed across Data transmission using the ED-SS approach. In order to achieve maximum performance level, this study recommends enhancing cooperative spectrum sensing by adjusting SNR. This proposed methodology looked at three eligibility requirements: the SNR, the spectrum sensing mechanism used in the area, but the amount of customers. The fusion centre estimates the ultimate presence or absence of the principal user based on the decisions made by all users.


fading channel; Cooperative Spectrum Sensing: Optimization; Cognitive Radio; Energy Detection; Spectrum Sensing; Rayleigh fading channel.

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