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Performance analysis and implementation of 89C51 controller Based Solar Tracking System with Boost Converter

C. Nagarajan, Neelakrishnan G., Akila P., Fathima U., Sneha S.


Among the top issues in the modern day is electricity consumption minimization. Particularly in lighting purposes, electricity consumption minimization mode consumes 20% or so of all electricity produced. Often these conventional light bulbs have already been substituted by LEDs, which is an effective technique to cut energy use. The basic solar energy conversion element, the solar panel, is set at a specific angle and is unable to monitor the position of the sun as the seasons change. As a result, the tracking system’s effectiveness and solar panels’ radiation exposure to the sun are constrained. This limits the efficiency of the tracking system and sun exposure on solar panels. The framework comprises of blend of miniature regulator, MPPT and LDR method especially utilizing Perturb and observes calculation. The scheme comprises a Perturb and Observe algorithm in association with a microcontroller, LDR, and MPPT approach. This article proposes a FFC (forward fly back converter) applied to a streetlamp with PV system. The developed framework can be carried out in open regions with moderately minimal expense. The production approach is reasonably inexpensive to implement in public spaces.


Street lighting, Solar (PV) panel, LDR, forward flyback converter, (Maximum Power Point Tracking) MPPT, Microcontroller

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