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Study of Signal Processing Using Applications of Fourier Series

Suchita Shelke, Sayali Choudhari, Kunal Lal Bahadur Sharma, Kajal Kumari Shah


This essay discusses the use of the Fourier series in the field of signal processing. It will include the results of various tests performed on the variable and the results it produces in the form of graphical diagrams. In order to acquire the right information exchange, we have observed a variety of distinct frequency pattern graphs. Also, the stated graph of filtered signal provides unique pattern that may find application in next gadgets as well as in space-to-earth communication. A signal sampled in time or space is transformed using the Fourier transform mathematical formula to the same signal captured in time or space. A signal sampled in time or space is transformed using the Fourier transform mathematical formula into the same signal measured in time or space at a different frequency. The Fourier transform, which is used in signal processing, can make a signal's frequency components visible.


Fourier Transformation, Signal processing, Signal filtering, Frequencies Applications

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