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Seismic Behavior of RCC Buildings under Revised Seismic Zone Classification by BNBC

Md. Mohiuddin Ahmed, Gopal Chandra Roy, Shishir Chandra Das, Mehidi Hasan



This study aims at the comparison of provisions of earthquake analysis given BNBC 2017. The revised BNBC 2017 has divided the seismic zones of Bangladesh into four different categories such as Zone-1, Zone-2, Zone-3 and Zone-4 respectively. They have different seismic zone coefficients. Finally structural analysis and design of a typical G+10 storey school building situated in all four seismic zones is conducted to investigate the seismic behavior of that building under revised seismic zones and seismic zone coefficients. It is found that seismic base shear, storey shear, drift, displacement and column force is much higher in zone-4 comparing to other zones. For seismic zone-4 base shear and base moment has increased 17.90%, 37.67% and 60.73% with respect to zone-3, zone-2 and zone-1. Analysis is also made to compare the maximum reinforcement requirement for an exterior column. A cost analysis has also been done to better understand how much BDT would require constructing an exterior column for all those seismic zones. Total cost for RCC column is high for zone-4 since axial force is higher in zone-4 comparing to other zones.

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