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Luxuriating the Dexterity of GIS into Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science

Ayesha Alam Khurram


This paper presents a comprehensive and rigorous research about technological applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the fields of environmental engineering and environmental science. GIS is a geo-innovative intelligent system that is availed to get geo-spatial statistics, to map the geo-environment, to explore and model the geographic changes, and to envision earth geographically over a period of time. The utter geo-mapping technology of GIS is explored that displays indispensable environmental attributes through a legible, shrewd, and assessable format cost-effectively. The knack of GIS is that it analyzes geo-spatial data to such perfection that any other spatial analyzing tool might not or would require much more labor than using GIS. GIS is proved to be a dexterous and commodious tool for gathering and formulating the environmental data in most of the environmental fields. Spatial data is processed smoothly within GIS and is so lucid that any researcher or environmental planner can cope with it in an easy manner. This research enlightens the fact that the dynamism of GIS has not yet been fully explored and this systematic technology will offer much more benefits to the mankind in the eras to come. A brief paragraph about GIS limitations is also included in this paper.


Keywords: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), geo-environment, geo-mapping, spatial data, environmental attributes

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