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Analysis of core and outrigger structural system for different soil condition

P.N. Tiwari, L.G. Kallurkar


As achievement of structural system for tall building is not easy task. As the tall building is more affected by lateral loads so design and analysis of high rise building is difficult so to minimized this effects of load now a days new different systems like outrigger system belt truss system. In this present study outrigger system is used with rigid core. In this study G+30 floor building is considered in which outrigger is provided at top floor and mid height floor of the building. Wind load and seismic loads are considered with three type of soil such as soil type I, soil type II and soil type III   and analysis and 3D modeling is done in Etabs software.  And comparative results are calculated for building considering with outrigger and by considering without outrigger for all three soil conditions by considering parameters like story drift and base shear values. This study concludes that the story drift for soil type II and soil type III is decreases by approximately 23% in building provided with outrigger and outrigger provided at top story will be more efficient.

Keywords: outrigger system, response spectrum analysis, story drift.

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