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Paper Waste for Bricks Production Evaluation of Paper Waste as An Alternative Aggregate in Bricks Production

Fatin Nursyahirah Binti Dzulyazri, Sunday Yusuf Kpalo, Latifah Abd Manaf


This study focused on the use of paper waste to partially replace ordinary Portland cement for producing a new lightweight concrete, otherwise called papercrete. The objective was to evaluate its effect on some hardened properties of papercrete. A laboratory experiment was conducted where paper waste was added in varying proportions of 20%, 30% and 40% as partial replacement for cement. After combining with sand, cement and water, the mixture was fed into a cubic mold with equal dimensions of 50×50×50 mm to form the bricks. The density, water absorption capacity and compressive strength of the bricks were tested in accordance with standard methods of testing after 7, 14 and 21 days of curing. Findings revealed that the specimens with 20% partial replacement (P20) had the highest density (1.760 g/cm3 ), compressive strength (6.92 N/mm2 ), and lowest percentage of water absorption (12.82%) compared to other specimens. The obtained results confirm the possibility of creating a low-cost and light-weight composite brick for construction by applying this partiallyrecycled material. Additionally, the development of papercrete may encourage recycling a substantial quantity of paper waste thereby contributing to a more sustainable strategy of waste management.

Keywords: Papercrete, paper waste, compressive strength, water absorption, density

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