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Protection System Design for Power Distribution System in the Presence of Distributed Generation

I. C. Okara, C. O. Ahiakwo


Investigation was carried out on transformer and bus-bar protection of feeder 1,3,4&6 networks of specially two selected Communities in Egi clan of Ogba Kingdom of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area of Rivers State such as obagi and oboburu communities respectively. Addressing the three aspects in the design of protection system by determining protection device locations, determining protection device settings, coordination and also mathematical modeling of protective device using MATLAB software for simulation which shows the relay response when fault occurs. Up to four feeders were considered in this research work ranging from a solar generator of 10MVA for feeder 1,3&4, and solar generator of  5MVA for feeder 6. Causes of failures were also discovered and mathematical modeling developed to provide solution to the occurrence of failures during the distribution. The results obtained were used for simulation using MATLAB and the progress made was attributed to contribution to knowledge. Results are presented in Tables and later related to Graphs or Figures as contained in the research work. It was discovered that the feeder 1 covers Egita, Akabuka, Obiozhimini, Ibewa, Obiyebe, and Itu-Ogba communities with a stipulated measurement of 1.6MVA, 0.7MVA, 0.5MVA, 0.5MVA, 0.5MVA and 0.4MVA, Respectively with peak load of 0.12MW, 0.13MW, 0.16MW, 0.17MW and 0.12MW. Feeder 3 was also investigated to cover five communities which include Oboburu, Obagi, Idu, Obigbor and Ohali. The research also prove that feeder 4 covers only two communities (ogbogu and Akabuka). Finally, feeder 6 covers Obite, Ede and Amah respectively as discovered during this research work.


Protection System, Design, Power Distribution, System, Distributed generator

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