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Performance Evaluation of Stream Powered Manometric Pump

Sandip A Kale


Abstract: Discharging the water from various sources like dams, wells, rivers, sea to fulfill various needs is not new objective. Windmills and river pump were the very old methods for discharge the water. Because of availability electricity the electrically operated pumps are the widely used devices for this purpose. Due to increase in awareness of the environment and increasing rates of electricity, it is again required to think about old techniques of water discharge. Manometric pumps are operated by stream power without any electricity. Knowing the wide availability of flowing water in the form of rivers and canals the simple constructed and cost effective stream powered manometric pumps can become the future need of society with uninterrupted water discharge. The performance of stream powered manometric pump is based on the diameter of the drum, length of the drum (number of coils), RPM of the drum, water speed, tube diameter and depth of immersion. The performance can be measured in the form of delivery head and pump discharge. The effect of various input parameters on the performance is presented in this paper.

Keywords: discharge, head, pump, stream powered manometric pump

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Sandip A. Kale. Performance Evaluation of Stream Powered Manometric Pump. Recent Trends in Fluid Mechanics. 2019; 6(1): 29–37p.  


discharge, head, pump, stream powered manometric pump

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