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A Review on Design of Radiant Cooling Concept with Room Floor and Walls

Krishna Kumar Deshmukh, Palash Shriwastava, Pankaj Jain



Radiant cooling is concept in which room temperature is maintained by the radiant effect of pipe which contain cold or hot flowing water, with lower or higher temperature than its surroundings. Heat or cold will be absorbed by the flowing water of pipes. This system uses building floors, walls or ceilings for the installation of radiant pipes. In the research work, it is aimed to design an effective pipe design for selected room, and optimizing the room floor and walls, for the installation of radiant pipes. Most of the research are only focused on the implementation of radiant pipe in room floor only either in the ceiling of room. That is why this research work will optimize the walls of room and implement it. Modeling of the design will perform in CATIAV5 and computational fluid dynamics simulations will be performed in Ansys. And the radiant heat transfer from the room, ceiling, wall and floor will be calculated. By using this system the room thermal performance will be improved.

Keywords: Room thermal performance, radiant, CFD, ANSYS, Catia

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Krishna Kumar Deshmukh, Palash Shriwastava and Pankaj Jain. A Review on Design of Radiant Cooling Concept with Room Floor and Walls. Recent Trends in Fluid Mechanics. 2019; 6(3): 1–6p.

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