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A Review on Erosion in Pipeline

Shubham Kumar Gupta, Anil Kumar Shakya



Elbows are used widely in oil and gas extraction pipelines, ammonia gas plants, refineries, power plants etc. Pipeline erosion remains a major headache for petroleum industry with its underlying safety. The erosive problems of the pipelines influence the performance of pipe system. Continuous arrangement of elbows is often necessary due to the limit of external space and connection length between elbows is short under the circumstance. This paper presents an overview of erosion problem in pipes. Works of different scholars and investigators are discussed elaborating the methods followed in order to overcome the problem of erosion.

Keywords: Erosion, pipe, elbows, industry

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Shubham Kumar Gupta, Anil Kumar Shakya. A Review on Erosion in Pipeline. Recent Trends in Fluid Mechanics. 2020; 7(1): 20–23p.

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