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Flow shop scheduling with WWO

Sumit Mathur, Mabel Brijet Johnson


This paper focuses on reviewing the method used to solve the problem of flow shop scheduling using one of the efficient nature inspired algorithm that is water wave optimization. It has been proven to be one of the most efficient method of optimization in every field and us widely used nowadays because of its methodologies and efficiency. The Water Wave Optimization can be used for various different types of flow shop scheduling. The paper focuses on solutions of no-wait flow shop scheduling, permutation flow shop scheduling and hybrid flow shop scheduling problems by making modifications in the water wave optimization and the satisfactory results. In this analysis,  Nature  impressed  algorithms  are  projected  to  unravel  the three sorts of issues are permutation flow search programming issues, permutation flow search programming with setup time issues and permutation flow search programming  with setup time and date issues. The results have been found to be satisfactory and efficient.


WWO, NFSP, SWWO, flow, algorithms

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