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Design and CFD Analysis with Experimental Testing of Exhaust Manifold

Vivek S. Pavekar, Nihar Walimbe, Yogesh Ingulakar


The exhaust manifold undergoes back pressure problems. If the design of the manifold consists of sharp edges or bends which will tend to create turbulence and increase in pressure. Due to increase in turbulence it can cause an increase in back pressure. As the back pressure increases it tends to improper scavenging of the exhaust gases. So the improper scavenging of the gases leads to improper burning of fuel which will reduce the engine life. This project deals with designing a manifold for proper scavenging and to avoid back pressure problems with a concept of CFD (Computational Fluid dynamics). In this project we are analyzing the exhaust system under two to three iterative designs. CFD analysis of the exhaust manifold will be performed using ANSYS 19 software. Experimental validation of a better model of exhaust manifold validated.


exhaust manifold, CFD, ANSYS 19, turbulence, testing

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