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Inclusion Removal Study in a Integrated Tundish-Nozzle-Mold System by CFD

Saúl García Hernández, Enif Gutiérrez, Airy-Zulema Corona-Villaseñor, Jose de Jesus Barreto, Rodolfo D. Morales



CFD modelling is a powerful tool to study the complex flow phenomena happening in each step of the continuous casting process; considering this, the current research shows the impact of tundish turbulent phenomena on fluid dynamics and steel cleanliness considering an integrated system: tundish, nozzle, and mold. The mathematical simulations consider 3D cartesian coordinates for the continuity and Navier-Stokes equations together with the turbulent  realizable and the multiphase VOF models. The results show that the detrimental turbulent phenomena occurring in the tundish affect mainly its own flow patterns and increase the number of inclusions leaving the tundish which accelerates the nozzle clogging. In addition, these fluid-dynamic effects are eliminated along the nozzle due to its internal sudden geometric changes. Finally, the results show that simulations ignoring the integrated tundish-nozzle-mold system will significantly affect the fluid dynamics of the upper tundish nozzle and will generate inaccurate inclusions adhesion predictions in the nozzle and mold.


CFD modeling; Integrated tundish-mold system; Inclusion removal; Nozzle clogging; Mold fluid-dynamics

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