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Development of Water Trash Collector System: A Review

Samiksha Makode, Nikita Gopalghare, Nikita Gadekar, Prof. Satish Chavan


A serious garbage crisis has emerged, notably in aquatic bodies, because of rising urbanisation, corruption, and worldwide economic expansion. We have created an automated system for cleaning rivers utilising an Arduino-based floating garbage collector machine to address this problem. The system is fueled by solar energy, allowing for a backup energy supply and water recycling, which helps reduce waste. The system collects plastic and glass bottles and other lightweight floating garbage from the surface of the river using a conveyor belt, saving time and manual labour. The design and analysis of a floating trash collecting machine that can effectively clean different parts of a water body are the main topics of this study. Initial findings show that the method is effective in lowering the amount of rubbish in the river.


Solar power, Arduino Uno, Microcontroller, Bluetooth, Renewable source, Conveyer belt, Water pollution

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