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Refractive Index Measurement Using Integrated Fiber Optics Triangulation Technique

P. B. Patel, Dr. S.T. Hamde


Quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques are of considerable importance for the purpose of detection, identification and measurement in biomedical application. Over the years, several methods have been developed to detect and quantify various biological samples. However each of this method presents certain limitations pertaining to its sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility. The recent trend to improve biochemical analysis is to provide a platform, which is more sensitive, accurate, portable, rapid and economically viable. Fiber optic sensors provide numerous advantages over conventional sensors, which include immunity to electromagnetic interference, small and compact size, sensitivity, remote sensing, ability to be multiplexed and the ability to be embedded into various textile structures. Refractive index (RI) determination of suspended particles requires RI data of turbid suspensions. In bio-sensing there is a need to measure small RI changes in small volumes of liquid. Traditional bulk refractometers are then not appropriate. Their size and weight are inconvenient in this and other applications. In view of the above, development of alternative sensors of RI, viz., those based on optical fiber is relevant. The sensor is useful due to its simple construction, operation, it compact and portable for measurements. We have proposed analysis of integrated fiber optic sensor using triangulation technique.


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