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Advanced Email Notifier Application Using Google OAuth2.0 Protocol

V. Krishna Mohan, G. Sathwik, Ch. Aditya, D. Hemanth


This paper describes about the development of android-based application which notifies the users about the latest-mails that comes from a list of mail id’s which the user had entered in the app. The main idea behind the project is to be aware of the important e- mails that come from the people who are in specified contacts and avoid all other junk mails. The App uses a database called Firebase to store the entered email ids by the user. The app uses Gmail API in order to access user's inbox. Google OAuth is being used to make an app accessible for Gmail API. Pub/sub-API is also used to push the notifications to the app from the G-mail, whenever a new mail comes from the mail id’s that are entered in the app.

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