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Economic Load Dispatch using GAMS for 20 bus Rapid Transit Vehicular System

Kavirayani Srikanth


This paper investigates a 20-bus system smart grid for economic load dispatch using GAMS software which is used for future rapid transit vehicles. Rapid transit is the need of the hour of the emerging vehicular technologies. If we are trying to understand the various transit systems such as buses and trains and again the classification of light rail, metro and fast and bullet trains running on a DC/AC system, it is very much important to understand the optimization of usage of power in these travel methods. Rapid transit is a mechanism where we expect travel to be possible without more fuel consumption, less interruptions to travel for refueling and minimum travel time for public transport. The analysis with GAMS yielded interesting results in the shortest possible time and is very useful for complicated power system load balancing problem analysis. The constraints that need to be adopted and the nature of assumptions that are to be made are vital in the development of these kind of sophisticated transit design for futuristic vehicles with a vision on reducing the fuel and optimizing the overall travel time and fuel consumption. The aspects of delay in the travel and the possible reasons for the delay and the delay can be reduced are another important aspect of these studies. The analysis done can be extrapolated to long-distance travel and will be helpful in the design of much more efficient travel mechanisms.

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