Rotary Automated Car Parking System by using IOT

Ramesh B. Mali, Geet H. Patil, Suyash B. Kamble, Shubham T. Dhamnekar


Obtaining garage for cars in large cities has become a major problem in all congested areas, and an effective parking infrastructure is necessary to an efficient traffic system. This particular project's objective is to build an effective, scaled-down prototype of a circular vehicular parking system. This project is based on the Arduino system and proposes using a range of sensors. This effort will help to address the problems that make it impossible for users to drive around the parking lot for an extended period of time by enabling users to browse and choose the parking spaces that are available. Automated parking is a technique for leaving and entering cars that makes use of sensors The parking platform is driven by a chain and sprocket mechanism, and a braking motor with a horsepower of one will be utilised to power the system and index the platform. By using RFID Tag This robotic car parking arrangement reduces the duration spent to check the region for drivers by displaying the available parking spaces on an LCD displayer, which is situated at both the entrance entrance exit. This guarantees that there will be little labour demand.


Arduino UNO, Sprocket Chain, Dc motor, Automated car parking system, Rotary parking system

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