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Effect of TIG Welding Parameter of Welded Joint of Stainless Steel SS304 by TIG Welding

Manabendra Saha, S. S. Dhami


TIG welding of stainless steel sheets depends on a large number of factors. Due to practical constraints, four dominant parameters were considered during experimental investigation. The values of the parameters were selected on the basis of material characteristics and equipment available in the industry for experimentation. The existing process of welding the hoarding pipes was studied. Design of experiments technique was used for planning the experiments. Optimum welding parameters were determined for improved ultimate tensile strength, hardness and depth of penetration. The selection of optimum parameters was confirmed by mechanical testing - destructive as well as nondestructive. Welding of stainless steel SS304 by using optimized parameters resulted in improvement in joint tensile strength and hardness by 10.56% and 7.36%, respectively. The quality of welded joints was also checked for internal flaws using ultrasonic testing.


Hardness Test; Stainless steel; Tensile test; TIG Welding

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