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Maynard Operation and Sequence Technique (MOST) Intervention for Productivity Improvement of Manufacturing Process of Mini Tractor

Kuldeep Ashokbhai Chauhan, P.S. Puranik, Jinesh B. Shah


Work study is much effective for each and every organization to determine the standard time and improve the productivity. MOST (Maynard Operation Sequence Techniques) is the latest work measurement technique and it is also beneficial for detail study about the work and it simplifies the activity whenever possible. The MOST is much faster than conventional techniques such as time study. An automation is advisable for mass production but it is not suitable for moderate size organization, where the MOST method is useful to analyze the activity and improve the productivity. Finding the standard time for effective utilization of time and man power, the time study and MOST method has been carried out, and also motion study method has been applied to study about existing system and improve the existing layout. By this way, productivity has been improved of manufacturing process. To carry out this research work, case study has been selected and the case study research was conducted at mini tractor manufacturing company.


Productivity; time and motion study; MOST

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