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Dr. Kondapalli Siva Prasad


Based on several literature examinations from past decades, it is clearly observed that limited research has been done till date concerning to micromachining and had a partial understanding of it with focus on miniaturized parts. This review article presents a complete comprehensive on machining process at micro level with attention in drilling for work horse of titanium alloys. The Ti and its alloys are the most attractive materials due to their strength-weight ratio and corrosion resistance and are widely applied in aerospace industries. The systematic study has done for the effects of variables in machining processes with tremendous efforts for the increase of Ti markets. Micro drilling is an ideal micro machining process with special emphasis in micro drilling techniques, its parameters, key factors and related aspects.The purpose of this review article exclusively is to frame an overview of quality work which is already published and to bring out a new path for future research.


Micromachining,Drilling Techniques, Micro-EDM, Performance Optimization, µEDM.

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