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A Review on Modified Air Cooler with De-humidification

Rushang Vyas, Hardik Hindocha, Prakash Patariya, Amit Rosia, Nikhil Ladva


The desert cooler is based on working principal of direct evaporative cooling system. So, when the desert cooler is used, air is cool with high humidity or moisture content, so because of that it is used only at dry places, and it is the big limitation of the desert cooler. To remove this limitation, we modified the working and structure of the air cooler. The modified air cooler works based on indirect evaporative cooling system, because of that the air will transfer the heat with use of indirect heat transfer process. So air will not absorb the moisture content with itself and air is not humidified. And because of temperature difference, there will be de-humidification also carried out, so in last we get cooled and de-humidified air. The modified air cooler will have the same economy, because of it all people can use it easily who cannot afford air conditioning system or other cooling systems. The desert cooler supplies humidified air, so it harms the human body because it contains high moisture content, and humans at normal place cannot sustain that kind of air flow. The modified air cooler will give dehumidified and cool air so it will near to the comfort zone of human body at normal places (25°C temperature and 50–60% relative humidity), so human will feel good because of dehumidified and cool air, and they will be able to do their work effectively. It is the main purpose to modifying the air cooler.

Cite this Article Rushang Vyas, Hardik Hindocha, Prakash Patariya, et al. A Review on Modified Air Cooler with De-Humidification. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2018; 8(1): 11–14p.


Modified air cooler with de-humidification, de-humidified air cooler

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