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Milk Pasteurization Process by using Vortex Tube

G. M. Nagadi, S. T. Birhade


Milk has been a part of our life for many years it’s very essential to pasteurize the raw milk to destroy the unwanted microorganisms from the raw milk. Pasteurization is the process in which milk is boiled up to a certain temperature and cool it down at a certain temperature due to the sudden rise in temperature the Bacteria is removed from the milk. A plate heat exchanger is used for milk pasteurization. In current scenarios the difficulties related to profit margins and high production rates to get overcome from these issues as we have a suggestive alternative method with a provisional arrangement by using a vortex tube. The major aspects cost reduction, energy-saving, and alternative method at a cheaper price but effective as a plate heat exchanger. In this study, different types of methods that are used for milk pasteurization have been analysed with plate heat exchanger and with vortex tube in consideration of design, temperature range, cost, etc.


Milk pasteurization, plate heat exchanger, vortex tube, heat transfer, thermodynamics

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