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Multi Objective Optimization in Micromilling of 304L steel by Taguchi-Grey-Fuzzy Method: Literature Review

Prashik M. Tayade, Madhukar Sorte


Micromechanical milling of 304L Stainless steel which is commonly used in the welded in severe corrosion environment and it terminates the need for annealing. The goal of this study is to investigate the influence of process input parameter such as cutting speed, depth of cut, feed per tooth, radial immersion percentage and plunging method on process output during circular pocketing operations. Tool wear, machining forces and surface roughness measurement are considered to identify the relationship between process inputs and outputs. It is observed that plunging method has a significant influence on tool wear which in turn affect micro-milling force and surface quality two main effect will be observed on the tool-work material interaction at micro-scale. These are responsible for the limit reduction of the roughness amplitude parameter with tool diameter and occurs when the cutting edge radius to uncut chip thickness ratio becomes critical. The detailed literature review of Micro-milling process parameter is been studied in this paper.


Micro Mechanical milling, cutting speed, depth of cut, feed per tooth, radial immersion percentage and plunging method.

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