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A Review on Thin Film Production by Convectional and 3-D Printing Methods

K. ARUNA PRABHA, S. Swetha, Priyadarsini Morampudi


Thin film production and manufacturing has gained importance in digital world mainly due to its usage in PCBs , Energy storage cells, solar panels etc. This paper reviews various techniques implemented for thin film applications such as PVD, CVD, Roll To Roll (RTR, extrusion based on casting)  and 3-D printing techniques. It also gives a comparative study of both convection methods and 3-D printing techniques thereby inferring that printing method is more accurate, flexible, reliable,  efficient and can be delivered in lesser lead time than Convectional techniques . This paper gives an overview of thin film deposition methods used by various researchers which gives an idea of their effectiveness and performances.


Convectional, 3-D printing, PVD, thin film, efficient

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