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Development of cruise control for two wheelers

Anita B. Wankar, Manisha S. Fande


In the modern day automotive autocruise control system there is a control loop which controls the throttle that is usually controlled by the driver with the handle lever, and maintains the speed of the vehicle at a preset speed which offers safety and fatigue less drive to the driver. In the proposed work, throttle valve of the carburetor is operated in two ways, manually by throttle handle and automatically by servomotor. The servomotor coupled with throttle valve is operated by a microcontroller based motor driver board. When the cruise control actuates, the operation of the throttle valve shifts from manual to automatic mode and by pressing brake pedal we can change operation mode from automatic to manual again. With the implementation of this technique we can improve fuel economy of the vehicle as compared to the conventional vehicle. We have also performed fuel economy test with both cruise mode ON and OFF simultaneously and got improved fuel economy in cruise mode. For improved safety we have also provided kill switch which prevents the cruise mode being accidentally turned ON.


Cruise control; microcontroller

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