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Detection of Air Gap Eccentricity Faults Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in BLDC Motors

Gunjan sardana, Neelam Turk, Satvir Deswal


Abstract: - Detection of eccentricity faults has been feasible using physical and vibrational parameters. It is essential to detect and diagnose such faults at the early stage through measurement and monitoring of changes in the magnetic flux of the BLDC motor in the motor windings and stator slots. In this paper, brushless dc motor and its stator, rotor and windings are designed using FEA method .Changes in magnetic flux of each of the element in the motor are monitored in case of the change in the air gap between rotor and stator .Changes in the magnetic flux ,current are analysed using model of healthy and faulty motors with static and dynamic eccentricity faults. The results indicate detection of faults at the early stages of operation of BLDC motor. This early detection and correction  of faults will be useful in avoiding wear and tear .



Brushless DC motor; Air Gap Eccentricity Faults; FEA Magnetic Flux

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