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Research Paper On Design Modification Of Dipper Stick Of Jcb 3DX Model

Pranav Satish Pakale, Rushikesh Suryakant Patil, Vasim Salim Bagwan, Vishwesh Shailendra Bhosale, Prathamesh Ramesh Patil, Pravin Sambhaji Gosavi


JCB’s excavators does various earth moving activities. Practically earth moving activity in them is made by backhoe assembly. In this assembly, the dipper stick is the part which connects the boom with the bucket. The stick provides the digging movement needed to pull the bucket through the ground. There are some problems like dipper stick can’t getting closer to the machine when they’re trenching, questions on their structural rigidity as it fails sometime, lifting capacities problems with the weight of the bucket, load and stick can be eliminated. Because of such problems the drivers have to reposition the machine many times. During some earth moving conditions, multiple design factors of dipper stick have the chance of redesigning them to get them modified in design view. This paper is for providing possible solution in design modifications of the dipper stick.

Excavators of JCB’s are used in the construction, mining and many other industries and are offered in a wide range of different models and sizes. A  variety  of  attachments  are  available  to  adapt  for  multiple  purposes,  such  as  hydraulic  breakers,  hammers  and  grabs  or  special  shaped  buckets. The backhoe of the JCB’s is mostly used for trenching work. They are excavating trenches, laying pipes, placing pipe, pulling trench shields, backfilling the trench. Correct unit of evaluation in trench excavation is  the  length  of trench  excavated per unit of time. Hence, the dipper stick length and width should be selected such that it should matches the essential  trench length and width as closely as possible. If we want to achieve the  designed  tearout  and  breakout  forces  of  hydraulic backhoe keeping required dipper length is a must. Keeping  moderate length of  the  dipper stick  will  assist  increasing  the  productivity  of  the  equipment and  reducing the  stress on the equipment and wear and tear on  the dipper stick. The trenching is the major focused point in this research activity. How the trenching activity is carried out, what it requires, problem associated with it, possible solutions is viewed in this research paper.


Backhoe, Dipper stick, Trenching, Digging , Structure.

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