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Design and Analysis of Common Injection Mould for Variable Length of Extended Prob Housing Component

Sagar S. Jadhav, Chetan D. Kuthe


The present study focused on designing a common injection mould for variable length of component of nylon material for prob housing plastic part and die material as H13. It was operated on 210 t vertical injection moulding machine. The type of cooling system employed wasline cooling. The effect of cooling system location on the stresses produced in the mould was analyzed and component defects determined by mould flow simulation. Injection moulding finds wide applications in large scale production of complex shaped objects with intricate geometries that require good surface finish and dimensional stability. The cooling system employed in the die not only facilitates proper solidification of the cast components but also helps in maintaining the die temperature and controlling the stresses generated during the cyclic operation. Further, filling simulation of the design was carried out and minor modifications were made to optimize the filling operation. Filling simulation of the modified design was carried out and minor modifications are made to optimize the filling operation using CREO Software. The percentage of defects was reduced to 6.8%. The research work is useful in increasing the mould life and to reduce the mould cost and defects.


Mould design, cooling system, filling simulation, plastic defects, cost saving, injection molding, CREO

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