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Tools and Techniques of Green Manufacturing and FMS for Advanced Automation

Kanchan D. Ganvir, Rakesh kumar Jain


Industrialization has become a thriving key concern in the present serious world. The organizations are endeavoring hard to continue to survive for themselves. Henceforth are giving better products with quality, customer satisfaction and benefits and are improving their assembling activities in the present remarkable worldwide rivalry. On the other hand, the assembling area devours parcel of energy and different assets leading to discharge of enormous measures of ozone harming substances which ultimately increases ecological issues like environmental change and boost up an Earth-wide temperature and diminishing ecological balance worldwide. Furthermore, it likewise found a lot of energy is additionally squandered in numerous structures. One of the potential ways to strike out these issues is Green Manufacturing. An attempt to acquire gain in quality products, Green Manufacturing can be applied in all production and assembling areas that limit squander and contamination, enables monetary advancement, and monitor assets. The current work centers around accomplishing Green Assembling by utilizing different strategies that has sway on decrease in waste and ecological contamination. The study examines particular dimensions of green manufacturing tools Applicability and FMS such as Information technology, planning, flexible automation techniques. The outcome will determine the major substantiate to establish and strengthen the value of product with superior performance, Using the findings the research will suggests the implication and adoption for further research. Also, a perspective is needed, henceforth requirement for some innovative technique is there, that might solve the problems and can lead towards the productivity sales and economic advancement as well, so an integration of green manufacturing tools with FMS for creating more real and précised manufacturing system is done, that might be used to make improvements during production.


Tools, Techniques, Green Manufacturing, FMS, Production, Automation

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