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Structural Studies on Glass Fiber Reinforced Poly-styrene Composites

Vinayak Gawande, Salil Paranjape, Akshit Garg, Swamini Chopra, Kavita Deshmukh, D.R. Peshwe


Polymers are used in various industries and majorly in aerospace and automobile industry where in fuel efficiency is a big challenge. Polymers are lightweight hence by volume they make up 50% of a new vehicle but by weight it is less than 10%. Current economic and environmental concerns make the creation of more fuel-efficient cars a top priority in the automotive industry. Hence the study of these polymers becomes very essential. This research work studies the effect of Glass fiber reinforcement on Poly-styrene polymer. Glass fibers are added to a composition of 1%, 5% and 10% by weight of polystyrene. The structural characterization of the composites is done by using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD). FTIR study of the composite show that the glass fiber used was E-glass fiber which is confirmed by the presence of silicon and boron. Furthermore, the appearance of peaks in FTIR signifying the presence of C-H wagging and shift of mono-substituted benzene, confirms of good bonding between the glassfibers and the poly-styrene matrix. The amorphous nature of the glass fiber reinforced poly-styrene composites was verified by the XRD analysis as confirmed by the appearance of a hump. This indicates that there is only mechanical bonding between the GF and poly-styrene fabricated for present study.


Polymer composites, Poly-styrene, Glass fiber, XRD, FTIR

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