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Springback of High Strength Steel Sheet and Preventive Measures

Rushikesh A. Mote, S.V. Lomte


The purpose of this paper is to improve the accuracy output of cold stamping product by accommodating springback. This is an experimental study to improve the accuracy of springback analysis and die compensation process during CAE of part. The springback shape and the target part are used to optimize the die surfaces compensating springback. This paper describes the springback behavior of HSS steel based on phenomenon and preventive measures based on each mechanism. It was made clear that section opening of member parts was reduced by crash forming and wall tension control. And torsion and camber of complicated shape parts were possible to decrease by planer stress control using the developed analytical methods of Simulation. In addition, about the buckling torsion of panels, the mechanism of the occurrence was studied and effects of preventive were reported. The main goal is to reduce the effort spent on tryout and unavoidable part modifications. Such an approach had the potential to make significant savings in time and money. Given the situation, in the first place, this paper classifies typical dimensional defects due to springback that constitute problems in forming process of high-strength sheets and elaborates the mechanisms that cause them. Basic concept of preventive measures for springback is expected to design the part high rigidity at first, utilize the stress control methods and minimize the compensation of die tools.


Springback, High Strength Steel, Prevention, Stamping, Compensation, Forming

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