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Parametric Optimization of boring process by alternate tooling head to improve productivity of GG25 cylinder liner using response surface methodology

Abhishek Jitendrakumar Kathwadia, Biren J. Saradava, Akash R. Sadatiya, Dr. Ghanshyam D. Acharya


The manufacturing process are the heart of any industries. The process are getting renewed day by day to achieve a simple goal of efficiency. The paper states about the one of manufacturing process namely boring operation in material removal process and its optimization to increase the production on going in the industry. The boring process is used in here to enlarge the bore of cylinder liner which are also precision product in the automobile sector. Thus experimental optimization of boring process is carried out using response surface methodology and further validated to give the optimized parameter for particular boring operation on cylinder liner gg25.


Boring machine; boring head; design of experiment; experimentation; validation

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