Modification of gating System of Ball Valve Component using Soft-cast Simulation

Ketan B. ladani


There are two main important considerations in castings are quality of the casting and yielding of the casting due to which scrape of material will reduce. Production of good quality casting mainly depends upon the gating system. In casting process gating and risering system has direct effect on its quality. Generally, many industries follow the trial and error method for casting process which is not economical for foundries for long run. Available software and tools make casting process easier that gives idea about the process prior to its occurrence. In this paper the component of ball valve having 18% of defect of hot-spot and shrinkage-porosity due to improper gating system in sand casting process is considered for analysis. Present gating system of ball valve component is simulated with SOFT-CAST tool and E-FOUNDRY (IIT) tool. By simulation with both the tool, it is validated that the defect is occurring in the present gating system. Modification and design of gating system is done on the basis of reference and available research. Proposed gating system is then simulated for hot-spot and shrinkage porosity defect with SOFT-CAST and E-FOUNDRY tool. Validation of defect reduction is carried out by practical implementation of proposed gating system. 

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Ketan B. ladani. Modification of Gating System of Ball Valve Component using Soft-cast Simulation. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2017; 7(3): 79–85p


Simulation, Shrinkage, Hot-Spot, Porosity, Risering

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