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Investigation of the Control Parameters in the Machining of Inconel 718 with a carbide tool using Taguchi methodology

Abhilash George, Abel Koshy, Ivan Sunit, Rijo Mathew, Amal Paulose


The main objective of proposed work is to determine the influence of controllable parameters on machining characteristics of Inconel-718 and to achieve the optimum parameters for efficient milling. The Taguchi methodology is adopted for the design of experiments and process optimization. The paper gives an understanding of the different controllable cutting parameters such as cutting velocity, feed rate and depth of cut. It discusses about the carbide tool being used to perform the experiment. Extensive study and analysis is performed on the resulting surface roughness of the workpiece. These results are thereby used to determine the S/N ratios and to plot the different graphs portraying the relationships between the S/N ratios and the process control parameters with respect to the surface roughness of Inconel-718.


Inconel-718; Taguchi; surface roughness; S/N ratio; control parameters

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