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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Welded Joint using Design of Experiments: A Review

Sejin Jacob John, Shaheen Beg Mughal


        The welding process over the period of time has grown into a more formidable process. Its application has also increased manifolds. However, with the increase in applications, it is also important to know the about the factors which affects the most on the strength of the welds. In this paper, the tensile strength of the welded joint has been considered. In this research, the Gas Metal Arc Welding has been used. The factors considered for the research are on the basis of the literature review which is the main part of this paper. Moreover, for the research work, the Taguchi Design of experiments has been taken. In the research, there are four factors used along with 2 respective levels. The factors considered are the welding voltage, the type of weld joint, number of weld passes and feed wire rate. We have used the Universal Testing Machine to find out the Tensile Strength. Thus, through the research we get a clearer picture related to the impact of factors.

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