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Establishment of IHTC value of LM 13 and ADC 12 material for sand casting by FEM

Shaheen beg mughal, Dharmesh Barodiya


Abstract: For making a simple to very complex shaped product, sand casting is an inexpensive, useful and significant process. Throughout the process, Solidification plays an important role for making a sound and defect-less casting which was affected by different parameters like Interfacial Heat Transfer Coefficient, Casting Material & Shape, Mold Material, etc. For quality casting, industries trying to optimize solidification process by various methods. Present study shows the range of IHTC values opted for two different materials (LM 13 and ADC 12) at two altered locations inside the mould using Inverse Method with various simulations were performed to compare the results using designing and simulation software as well as the actual experiments.


Sand Casting; IHTC; LM 13; ADC 12; FEM; Inverse Method.

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