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Image Processing Techniques for Detecting and Classification of Leaf Diseases

Deepali Sale, Anubhav Singh, Anoop Dawande, Alabhya Dubey


Plants are the way to make a living. From the factors of our daily life to breathing we are totally dependent on plants. Therefore, plant care must be proper. Plant diseases involve, of instance, algae, bacteria, and viruses. Several researchers have to classify plant diseases but it is time consuming to manually identify them. Image processing techniques are used to detect various diseases of the plant. There are several steps to this viz. Input image, preprocessing images and extracting features, and classifying them on different bases. This uses other techniques of classification such as K Nearest Neighbor classification, k-means classification, neural networks, vector support, artificial neural system, and fuzzy logic. It is difficult to select the best classification system because the quality of the analysis will differ from the supported input script. This article focuses on various image processing techniques alongside different classification methods used for diagnosis of plant diseases.


classification, fuzzy logic, machine learning, neural network, svm

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